"Billy Hawn's tracks have such a marvelous feel to them, always supporting the singer's phrasing and the production's vibe.  And as if all the kit and hand drum magic weren't enough, he brandishes a toy box that would make a little kid giddy, full of unique and on-the-money accent tones to give a song that extra special sauce.  Great player, great service, great guy.  I've been privileged to use Billy's playing on projects ranging from pop-rock to singer/songwriter to neo-soul to bluegrass.  Whatever we're cooking, he always adds just the right flavor."  
Rob Seals - Producer

"We went into Billy's studio just to record a rehearsal for fun. After an hour of tracking and half a day of mixing we came out with an album quality recording. Billy's got a great ear, a great room, he's an extrodinary listener and drummer, and he's not so bad to hang out with either."
Joey Ryan - Singer/Songwriter

"Billy Hawn has a gift of adding just the right texture to a song to bring it back to the place and time it was originally conceived and make it feel alive.  He's also a real pleasure to work with.. kind, encouraging, and as professional as they come."
Amber Rubarth - Singer/Songwriter


"Billy is a total pro and technician of his sound. I really believe that anyone who works with him will be impressed by his stylistic versatility and tasteful playing." 
Jordan Lawhead - Singer/Songwriter

"Billy Hawn has an incredible gift for rhythm. When he played on my latest record my jaw dropped to the floor when I heard what lovely percussion he had offered to the mix. Billy is an all around great musician and highly regarded.”
Jon Rajewski - Singer/Songwriter